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We are back!
Now taking bookings for dine in!

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to enjoy the salty goodness of Arrosticini.


Shop 14/24-30 Taryn Dr
Epping VIC 3076

03 8401 5831

take away & deliveries

We are currently respecting the COVID-19 restrictions for dine-in meals, but we trade as usual for take-away and deliveries. Do not hesitate to call us or come along.

03 8401 5831

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Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday
6am - 3pm
Friday b'fast & lunch
6am - 3pm
Friday dinner
6pm - late
Saturday b'fast & lunch
8am - 3pm
Saturday dinner
6pm - late
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Try our range of Arrosticini and let our menu guide you through Abruzzo

what arrosticini ARE?

Let us tell you about Arrosticini, tender meat skewers traditional to Abruzzo, a region in the center of Italy.

Typically made from castrated sheep’s meat, mutton or lamb, Arrosticini are best eaten straight off the “fornacella”, a traditional Abruzzese barbecue designed specifically for skewer cooking. The quality and flavor of Arrosticini depend on the cut of meat and the percentage of fat in the skewer but also the preparation and skill of the cook.

where they come from?

so tender & juicy

The meat is seared on each side and the fat slowly melts over the meat, the natural juice slowly drips into the cooking channel raising a small cloud of pleasurable bbq smoke, 8-10 minutes a decent sprinkle of salt and enjoy with a glass of red Montepulciano D’Abruzzo wine and toasted golden bread drizzled with olive oil.

how many can you eat?

this month's picks from Our Menu

All our specialties can be custom made on request. We cater for private and corporate functions with more options and customised menu.

# Michelle Di Pietro

the soul of abruzzo lab

Always passionate about cooking Michelle starts her chef career in 2006 in Melbourne.

With the desire to discover “la cucina italiana”, specifically Abruzzese, she decided to leave
Melbourne in 2012 on a search for her heritage in Abruzzo.

While there Michelle worked as a professional chef combining her cooking experience from Australia
with “la cucina abruzzese” to gain knowledge of the culture in which her family embrace.

After 6 years she came back to Australia bringing the “Abruzzese” cusine in Melbourne to open Abruzzo Lab.

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